How to Tackle Business Debts

by SRLV on 5 April 2011

With thousands of firms becoming insolvent last year, business debt is a worry that many keep at the back of their minds. Here are a few steps to strengthen your current financial positions:

  1. Deal with your debt – The longer you ignore bills, invoices and repayments, you face more risk in the future. Talk to your creditors and begin taking steps
  2. Be organised – Ensure that you know who you owe money to, and how much. This will keep things clear in your mind and will let you deal with the debt systematically preventing you from missing out on important repayments, avoiding further stresses as a result.
  3. Optimise operations – There are always ways to save money; perform an internal audit and find areas where you can cut costs without hampering business operations. You will be surprised in how many areas you can save.
  4. Seek professional advice – When dealing with financial stress, your reactions may be hampered by stress. By seeking an outside opinion from experienced financial advisers, new options that you hadn’t considered may come into light.

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